Tango Intervention Archive

Tango Dérive # 1, Local Roots

Centro Asturiano to L'Unione Italiana, Ybor City, Tampa, FL, 4/11/07

Mobile Monuments

3 actions at public monuments in Chicago, IL, 7/19-22/07

WTO Seattle

Action at sight of major confrontation during 1999 WTO demonstrations in Seattle, WA, 8/18/07

Tango Dérive, Williamsburg Bridge, N.Y.

2.1 mile tango from Lower East Side across the East River to Williamsburg during Conflux Festival, 9/16/07

Tango Intervention, Vienna

A ring considering Barriers and Passages: 6 Interventions circling Vienna's Ringstrasse, as part of 5th International Mobile Music Workshops, 5/14/08

Tango Intervention, Brooklyn Bridge

40+ tangueros intervene for an hour at both the Brooklyn and Manhattan towers of the Brooklyn Bridge, during Conflux Festival, 9/13/08

Tango Intervention, Phnom Penh

20 tangueros intervene at 3 sites connected to colonial and neo-colonial water (mis)management in PP. This was followed by a two hour Tango Intervention sunset cruise on the Mekong river, 2/22/09

Tango Intervention, DC

26+ tangueros repupose the Sylvan Theatre at the base of the Washington Monument in an action meditation on art, Intimacy, Symbol and Power (on and off Axis), 4-12-09

Tango Panopticon

A new series of Tango Interventions around the world in public spaces that are surveilled by government or private video cameras. Beta Tango Panopticon launched May Day of 2009 in 15 International cities.

Tango Intervention, the Installation

Tango Intervention, at home on the web and in the streets since 2007, made its first visit to the holy white cube this April as a 7 channel video installation in The Electronic Gallery at Salisbury University.

Tango Panopticon, the Installation

In London as part of the DRHA conference Sensual Technologies, Collaborative Practices of Interdisciplinarity Tango Panopticon is included as a video installation.