Upcoming Events

Tango Panopticon, the Installation

In London, England, September 6-8

As part of the DRHA conference Sensual Technologies, Collaborative Practices of Interdisciplinarity Tango Panopticon will be included as a video installation. Combining footage from recent Tango Panopticon actions in international cities into a projected grid reminiscent of surveillance control center monitors, this installation leverages another view of panoptic practice and questions the assumed one-way agency of public video surveillance. The installation will be up from September 6-8 at Brunel University.


Infinite Small Steps for Media Democracy

The revolutionary open source web platform that facilitated Tango Panopticon 2.0 will be presented in New York at the College Art Association annual conference as part of Ben Chang’s New Media Caucus panel “Fight the Power”, in February 2011.

Tango Interventions are planned for cities around the world. Check back here soon for details on locations and schedules.